My name is Jed Leishman.  I’m a 32 year old father of 3 and an NPC Physique Competitor.  Growing up I was extremely active. I participated in a lot of sports, mainly football, basketball, and golf. In 2004 I was a year into marriage and headed down that all too common road of get married, let yourself go, and live life “fat and happy”. I realized that I was headed towards a life of unhealthy, uncomfortable misery.  It was then that I decided to make a LIFESTYLE change.  At that moment I started my quest for a ripped, lean, muscular physique. I honestly can't imagine living my life now without fitness being a major part of's truly a love, passion, and obsession for me.  In 2006 I became a Certified Personal Trainer through ACE and trained clients for 3 years at Summit Athletic Club in St. George, UT.   In 2009 I competed in my first natural bodybuilding competition at the 2009 NGA Grand Teton Invitational taking 1st in the Open Lightweight Division and 3rd in the Overall.  Since then I’ve moved into Men’s Physique whereas it fits my lifestyle and the overall aesthetically pleasing physique that I strive for on a daily basis.  This year I competed in my first Men’s Physique Competition at the NPC Utah Open taking 4th in the Men’s Open and Natural Divisions.  Currently I’m working hard to make improvements and adjustments to my physique that I feel will bring a better physique to the stage in the year 2014.  Bodybuilding/Physique is a passion for me.  I love the sense of self-confidence it brings.  If you can conquer your inner-self, you can conquer anything.  Bodybuilding to me is the ultimate demonstration of self-discipline, drive, and motivation. This quote epitomizes my love for fitness:

"Bodybuilding is the most honest thing there is.  Everything you do is worn on your physique and you can’t lie about it.  There’s no brown nosing for status or sleeping your way to the top.  There’s no slacking off when the boss is away and pretending to work hard when he’s around.  You can’t let someone else do it and take all the credit.  It’s just you, the iron and the truth.  There can be nothing better than that." 

-Author Unknown

Current Supplements: Daily Basis: Omega-3 Fish Oil Controlled Labs Orange Triad (Multi-vitamin) Universal Animal Flex (Joints) Pre-Workout: Cellucor C4 or Controlled Labs White Flood Controlled Labs Green Bulge (Creatine) Intra-Workout: Controlled Labs Purple Wraath (BCAA) Post-Workout: Alpha Lipoic Acid (300 mg) Chromium Picolinate (200 mcg) Protein Powder: Gaspari Myofusion Optimum Nutrition Hydro Whey (Post-Workout).